I love butterflies but…

this video is just ridiculous awesome. Amazing for those blue Mondays

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Still talking about improving my life for 2011.

Mornings are not easy, especially rolling out of bed. But I’ve noticed that after the initial roll out, everything starts improving if I allow it to. Another thing that helps is not being dependant on that coffee kick 😛
This is the simple morning routine that will be ideal:
1. Wake up – day officially starts
2. Drink 1.5L of water
3. Meditate for 1 hour
4. Stare at the sunrise for 15 seconds
5. Exercise for 20 – 30 minutes
6. Free to start the day

Very simple but will actually take up almost 2hours of my morning. The old me will grimace and continue rolling in my comfy bed. Well, going back to sleep officially makes a person feel more tired and worse off 😦

A few good habits worth expanding and given more importance on a daily basis:


1. In 15 minutes drink 1.5L of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
A monk taught me that this is one of the best and cheapest way to cleanse my system and help clear my eczema. Amazing. More on this in a future posts

2. Meditate 1-hour
So far 3% success on meditating 1st thing in the morning because I reason with myself that I can do it later in the day

Kuala Terengganu

3. Energise my body by staring at the sunrise for 15 seconds
“The sun is nature’s natural battery,” said an Ayurvedic doctor I met. I’ve been trying this whenever I’m up early enough and it does help me feel more positive throughout the day. The sunrise is very mild and soothing to the eyes. Similar to Tratak but a gabazillion times better because the sun is mother nature’s gift of life to her children

4. Spend less time online
Never been a fan of online games and it shall stay that way. In the past few months I’ve tried to run all my errands and work before hopping online. After all, the most important things online which seem to be emails aren’t that important. This really helps because getting online in the morning actually feeds my procrastinating nature from actually starting on the ‘real’ work.


5. Exercise 20-30minutes in the morning
20 minutes of power yoga really helps push the body to work in overdrive – toning muscles, increasing heart rate, kick start metabolism for the day, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Nothing beats setting a timer. Well, throw in some good music to get your fast feet moving. There will be more on this in future posts

I’ve been thinking about changing my morning routine, but procrastination is my vice. Big thanks to
galadarling.com for inspiring this blog post. Now every time I look back at my posts I will be reminded of this entry

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Everyone’s doing it. But many fail to stick with it which results in another angry start of the year. And nobody should start the year angry 😦

Why not make more fun resolutions? Such as rolling in the fields with your dog more often; or running up and down the supermarket isle with an empty shopping cart before each grocery shopping session. These will guarantee you burn some calories while having lots of fun. Life should be fun!

I would also like to say that I do not like the phrase lose weight. What happens when a person loses something? They go about finding for it and getting it back. Blergh… Hence losing weight could mean that you will just find it back and cling on to it anyway.

So, dare I recommend a lifestyle change. Be it eating more vegetables, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cooking your own meals, taking a new exercise class and sticking to it, running to the shops instead of driving; anything as long as you DO NOT lose weight.

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2011 GOALS

SCREW new year’s resolutions, they never work ANYWAY. Instead, make huge yearly GOALS and break them into manageable monthly ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

2011 GOALS:

Make better use of my uni education.
gonna do this by getting more involved in personal media projects.
1. blog more frequently.
2. get more involved in photography and videography

Start my own business

Get more involved in volunteer work
1. have more flexible work hours (refer to ‘start my own business’)
2. make it local and international = see more countries 😀

Balance life
Nutrition, work, play, exercise, laze, learn, give

Suppose keeping it short and sweet would make it seem less daunting. Along the way, the goals may get modified to suit the timeline towards achieving success. Thus having more goals in each month/week/day/hour/minute… u get the picture.

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PM declared holiday on 31Dec 2010. What did u do?

Hangout with my mom to cook nyonya curry chicken!

nyonya curry

The most ‘kau’ (thick) curry that is bursting with fragrant flavours of herbs and spices.
The joys of having a nyonya mom = insane recipes and tips.
The downside of having a nyonya mom = no nyonya restaurant can top the little kitchen (aka restaurant) at home :P~
Ok gotta go… get 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th helpings

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Sweet endings of 2010

In no particular order

morning in Redang

Album playlist:
1. JAY CHOU The Era 10 years and still full of surprises in his musical style.
2. MUSE The Resistance Most epic band ever.
3. LADY GAGA The Fame Monster Everyone should love a woman who plays dress up and has actual singing skills.
4. DEFTONES Diamond Eyes One of my fav 90s band.
5. JIMI HENDRIX Blue Wild Angel 2CDS of soul that makes everything 10000000000000x better.

1. Inception
2. Alice in Wonderland
3. The Expendables
4. KickAss
5. How to Train A Dragon
Honorary mention: RED
Notice that there are no chick flicks or romantic dramas in the list. Let’s keep it that way for me 😀

TV shows:
1. Fresh With Anna Olsen Wish she was my friendly neighbour.
2. Dexter. Still good after so many seasons
3. Bridget’s sexiest Beaches Would love to hangout with her.
4. True Blood = sexy
5. Psychoville Gotta love British comedy. Dare I say strangely funny.

Random new discoveries:

bahn mi
1. Banh mi (Vietnamese stuffed baguette). WTF where have i been all these years
2. Biffy Clyro. Scottish band. Love their accent
3. Meditation. Helps stabilise the madness which is my mind
4. Mornings. What with having had too long bouts of insomnia and a somewhat love-hate relationship with being nocturnal; mornings were rarely seen. However, the rare occasions of enduring morning breakfasts, sunrises and awoken by over-enthusiastic morning peoples (for shopping, dim sum, marketing, strolls…)
5. Eucalyptus and lemongrass sprays. Love the smell. Oh… yeah… also as natural house cleaner and pesticide

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Tis a season to…

GO STRAWBERRY PICKING!!!! Right here in divinely cooling Cameron Highlands.
Strawberry picking

I have to say that Cameron Highlands have much yummier strawberries than the ones imported from USA and Australia because they are lovingly and locally grown. Tolong jangan pandang rendah produk buatan Malaysia hmmm (Please don’t look down on made in Malaysia products hmmm).

The reason Malaysian strawberries are yummier:
1. Picked closer to ripening, yielding sweeter flavour
IMGP3208 copy

2. Don’t have to take long aeroplane rides across thousands of miles which could result in losing vital vitamins
3. Not sprayed with yucky wax that helps them last through the long journey (notice imported strawberries have a shiny layer)
4. Less carbon footprints = better conscience = yummier lah

merry christmas 2010

Notice the red theme hmm?

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Top 10 of 2010

As I slowly transition into the year 2011, there is a need to let go of 2010. No looking back at the past and mulling over something that could have/had been better. Regrets are for losers.

On a positive note, one would be much better off reminiscing the highlights and celebrate one’s colourful life.

In no particular order, my top 10 of 2010:

1. Experiencing Prodigy, David Guetta, bla bla bla at Future and hanging out with amazing friends
2. Rediscovering god in Vietnam. Also discovered amazing Vietnamese coffee and French pastries
3. Seeing and accepting things as they really are
3. Meeting Tim Burton
4. Best beach holiday with best friends at Redang. This will be my benchmark for all future beach bum holidays
5. Gotten too drunk too many time from Jan – July 2010 thanks to my party peeps. Have not touched a drop from July-Dec 2010. Love swaying from one extreme to another
6. Learning life lessons from many mentors and given opportunities to take responsibility. Big thanks for helping me figure my life
7. Got all my senses thoroughly well fucked at Muse’s epic concert. Biffy Clyro was ace with When We Collide
8. Discovered an alternative and natural way to keep my allergies in control, AWESOME. Screw you poisonous antihistamine
9. Hanging out with my little old granmama
10. Rediscovering this planet I call home

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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