Sweet endings of 2010

In no particular order

morning in Redang

Album playlist:
1. JAY CHOU The Era 10 years and still full of surprises in his musical style.
2. MUSE The Resistance Most epic band ever.
3. LADY GAGA The Fame Monster Everyone should love a woman who plays dress up and has actual singing skills.
4. DEFTONES Diamond Eyes One of my fav 90s band.
5. JIMI HENDRIX Blue Wild Angel 2CDS of soul that makes everything 10000000000000x better.

1. Inception
2. Alice in Wonderland
3. The Expendables
4. KickAss
5. How to Train A Dragon
Honorary mention: RED
Notice that there are no chick flicks or romantic dramas in the list. Let’s keep it that way for me 😀

TV shows:
1. Fresh With Anna Olsen Wish she was my friendly neighbour.
2. Dexter. Still good after so many seasons
3. Bridget’s sexiest Beaches Would love to hangout with her.
4. True Blood = sexy
5. Psychoville Gotta love British comedy. Dare I say strangely funny.

Random new discoveries:

bahn mi
1. Banh mi (Vietnamese stuffed baguette). WTF where have i been all these years
2. Biffy Clyro. Scottish band. Love their accent
3. Meditation. Helps stabilise the madness which is my mind
4. Mornings. What with having had too long bouts of insomnia and a somewhat love-hate relationship with being nocturnal; mornings were rarely seen. However, the rare occasions of enduring morning breakfasts, sunrises and awoken by over-enthusiastic morning peoples (for shopping, dim sum, marketing, strolls…)
5. Eucalyptus and lemongrass sprays. Love the smell. Oh… yeah… also as natural house cleaner and pesticide


About yogazenmuse

Just a girl trying to figure out what to do with my life. All photos are taken my me unless otherwise stated.
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