Tis a season to…

GO STRAWBERRY PICKING!!!! Right here in divinely cooling Cameron Highlands.
Strawberry picking

I have to say that Cameron Highlands have much yummier strawberries than the ones imported from USA and Australia because they are lovingly and locally grown. Tolong jangan pandang rendah produk buatan Malaysia hmmm (Please don’t look down on made in Malaysia products hmmm).

The reason Malaysian strawberries are yummier:
1. Picked closer to ripening, yielding sweeter flavour
IMGP3208 copy

2. Don’t have to take long aeroplane rides across thousands of miles which could result in losing vital vitamins
3. Not sprayed with yucky wax that helps them last through the long journey (notice imported strawberries have a shiny layer)
4. Less carbon footprints = better conscience = yummier lah

merry christmas 2010

Notice the red theme hmm?


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Just a girl trying to figure out what to do with my life. All photos are taken my me unless otherwise stated.
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