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I love butterflies but…

this video is just ridiculous awesome. Amazing for those blue Mondays Advertisements

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Still talking about improving my life for 2011. Mornings are not easy, especially rolling out of bed. But I’ve noticed that after the initial roll out, everything starts improving if I allow it to. Another thing that helps is not … Continue reading

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Everyone’s doing it. But many fail to stick with it which results in another angry start of the year. And nobody should start the year angry 😦 Why not make more fun resolutions? Such as rolling in the fields with … Continue reading

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2011 GOALS

SCREW new year’s resolutions, they never work ANYWAY. Instead, make huge yearly GOALS and break them into manageable monthly ACCOMPLISHMENTS. 2011 GOALS: Make better use of my uni education. gonna do this by getting more involved in personal media projects. … Continue reading

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