Everyone’s doing it. But many fail to stick with it which results in another angry start of the year. And nobody should start the year angry 😦

Why not make more fun resolutions? Such as rolling in the fields with your dog more often; or running up and down the supermarket isle with an empty shopping cart before each grocery shopping session. These will guarantee you burn some calories while having lots of fun. Life should be fun!

I would also like to say that I do not like the phrase lose weight. What happens when a person loses something? They go about finding for it and getting it back. Blergh… Hence losing weight could mean that you will just find it back and cling on to it anyway.

So, dare I recommend a lifestyle change. Be it eating more vegetables, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cooking your own meals, taking a new exercise class and sticking to it, running to the shops instead of driving; anything as long as you DO NOT lose weight.


About yogazenmuse

Just a girl trying to figure out what to do with my life. All photos are taken my me unless otherwise stated.
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